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and paul wagner is live with the latest. paul? >> reporter: we're at the fire house in silver spring where ike leggett came here to thank the police department and the fire department for the job that they did as the dis-- at discovery channel up the street and there is? some new information. they found a total of eight explosive devices, four in the discovery channel and four at a home in wheat on and they did an extensive search. they were there for a couple of hours. i want to go back to yesterday and what happened with mr. lee inside the lobby of the building. the chief majors said yesterday that when mr. lee was shot, they thought that the explosive devices attached to his body actually went off and today, the chief clarified that and said they did not but they were lethal. video can there was no explosion or when he shot the the information that i received from the bomb squad was that had he been able to be those devices, it would have been lethal. for speculation, but clearly the hostage were close enough that they would have been in harm's way had the bomb gone off. >>
. paul wagner is live with more. paul? >> reporter: brian, the latest is that brandon miller was held without bond and as you mentioned, they did trace him to his house and this is with a lot of help from the community. they found tag number and got help with surveillance cameras. they found brandon miller and took him into custody and arrested his father, mother and sister. according to the charging documents found in the case, witnesses say two men approached the suv as it was parked in front of starbuck on u street. they had pistols and masks and opened fire into the car. jamaal coates was killed, shot three times and another man sign here was shot and wounded as he was being taken by the ambulance. within minutes, the police had the tag number of the suspected getaway car and trait traced it to an alley and that is the home of brandon miller, his father and mother and sister. after securing a search warrant for the apartment, the detectives went inside where they found five guns, three pistols, a shotgun and assault rifle and police arrested the parents and the father and sister a
wagner joins us live with more. paul. >> reporter: fenty spoke without bitterness saying he lost fair and square to sin vent -- vincent gray. instead of sadness and regrets, the mayor was smiles as he addressed reporters at his campaign headquarters earlier today. there were long faces and no tears as the mayor made his way around campaign headquarters this morning and fresh off of a loss to council chairman gray, fenty told reporters he has a great 10-year run in elected office and that it's time to move on to something else. the mayor declined to -- that cost him the election and speaking about the voter's choice to go in a new direction. >> and we made a lot of political decisions and there are other things that -- and factors in the race. you can go back to some of the things we say and the top decision-making. i think there were real concerns about how recent engagement. i said all of that publicly. >> reporter: mayor fenty praised gray for running a great campaign, adding he will throw his support to gray and work closely with his team to ensure a seamless transition. for his fu
and making it tough to get around. paul wagner takes a look at what is happening inside the beltway in the banks of rock creek park and silver springs. >> reporter: some of what -- some of the worse is here and medobrooke stables is here and this is east-west highway and behind me here was rock creek awhile ago and it's gone down and had -- in the banks and was rageing here a couple of hours ago and subsided a bit now and went down several feet and look at the other stuff we found. a weird weather day? yes, it was. it was enough rain to swell the creek and not enough to cause major flooding and only parts of beach drive in montgomery count he to be closed and that is in the low-lying areas and that rain would come and go and by early afternoon, the wind picked up, knockings over trees in the area. one came down on glenn brook road in northwest and over on rhode island avenue there was a bit of trouble when there was a flash flood underneath the metro rail path in northeast. >> and -- to get to the bridge. was that -- raining that hard and we didn't k
gray houston and paul wagner join me live on the set to break down the issues, talk about where the candidates are headed and where they stand all ahead of that democratic primary. >>> meantime politicians are serving up drama in the district with accusations of stolen campaign signs caught on camera. the owner of the capital city diner says kathy henderson the independent candidate for ward 5 removed terry thomas and kwame brown signs from his restaurant, but henderson said the owner asked her to because the owner put them up because he felt sorry for one of the candidates. police are now involved in this on the news edge at 11:00. >>> a fake election ballot circulating through prince george's county and we found it. it tells people politicians endorsed certain candidates they actually don't support and there's a big question about who is behind it. fox 5 investigative reporter tisha thompson tracked down a candidate who admits he handed out those ballots. >> reporter: you were handing them out? >> absolutely. my people were handing them out. other people were. >> reporter: did
with allison seymour and gurvir dhindsa. and paul wagner and d.c. political reporter karen gray houston as moderator, i may ask a follow-up question. the candidates then would get the full a lotment of answer and reput tall time. we have been asking you the viewer for your input and questions that you would like us to ask the candidates. we thank you for your response. you will hear many of your thoughts incorporated into the questions that we pose the next hour. we are streaming today's debate live on our web site at you can go there to chat about the debate in realtime as it's happening. so, those are the ground rules, we are ready to begin. before the debate, mayor fenty won a coin toss. he decided to give his opening statement first. mayor fenty. >> thank you and good morning. if this debate is like the last six months of campaigning, expect my opponent to not spend a lot of time talking about his record or my record. expect him to talk a lot about things like a made up charge of phonism, a charge that "the washington post" dismissed this past weekend saying there was a
into the evening ands police doing yeoman's work. >> and that is why they went in. let's check in with paul wagner who is live on the scene with the latest. paul. >> reporter: if you remember what i said, you can be rest assured that police were going to watch this man very, very closely if they could, see him live or through cameras. that is what was going on and they had their eyes on this man. the chief felt that the hostages' lives were in danger and he was shocked and they had a s.w.a.t. team nearby, they had eyes on him, binoculars and heavy scopes and this had their eyes on this man and felt that they had to fire on him to make sure the hostages weren't harmed. the chief was not saying anything about this man's , other than to say he was in custody. we can take a couple of things from this and he'd it appeared the device went off when they were shot and that could be they're not approaching him at this point because they're afraid this device could be explosive still and could harm officers if they get near it. i am reading into this, the chief doesn't know his condition, saying that over a
5s paul wagner joins us now from sherman circle where the mayor and police chief are expected to be tonight. paul. >> reporter: it's clear now, according to a document that was filed in the case and describing a truly vicious crime. according to police, 17-year- old eric foreman used a .380- handgun to attack neil gillespie as he was riding his bicycle that night and police say this 17-year-old opened fire on gillespie and hit him once and after he fell to the ground, the teenager walked up to him and shot him two more times and that is according to the evidence filed in court today and in a few minutes from now, the mayor and police chief are coming here and announcing his arrest. >> reporter: he left an impression on the people in the short time in the district. of the many friends here, some left mementos at a makeshift memorial that still stands in the circle, reminding residents of the senseless death. the chief said that the death of the man infuriated many living here. >> this neighborhood suffered over this particular homicide and many of us have really been almost dis
and whether they were legal, ethical, or just a backroom deal given to the mayor's friends. >> paul wagner in the newsroom. >>> the candidates covered a wide range of topics. you can watch the debate and leave your comments on, click on fenty grey debate in the hot topics bar. >>> newly released 911 calls detailed the minutes after gunman james lee seized hostages inside the discovery channel headquarters. witnesses, including one woman who barely escaped being a hostage herself, called 911. >> montgomery county, 911, what is the emergency. >> there is a man with a gun at one discovery place. >> he's in the lobby in discovery communications. and he's got a gun, going through the front desk, he has people on the floor. >> i was standing outside and somebody told me not to go in there because there was somebody with a gun. i could see the gun and i left. >> reporter: police shot and killed lee just before 5:00 wednesday. the three hostages were not hurt. . >>> massachusetts telling earl to go away! the category 1 hurricane now weakening but still packing winds about 80 miles an h
to show identification and get a wrist band before he can enter. >> paul wagner in east baltimore. >>> two families are mourning after an ambulance crash in prince george's county. three people are dead. the victims were inside an suv that crossed into the path of an ambulance rushing to an emergency call. fox five john hanrahan has been working the story. and he's live with more. >> reporter: the three men in the suv died at scene. the ambulance workers received minor injuries but the crash totalled both vehicles. it happened just after midnight on marlboro pike and district heights. for some reason the driver of an suv crossed over the center lines and nearly hit the ambulance head on. an event recorder camera captured video of the fast moving suv approaching the ambulance. it shows another motorist in the background frantically flashing his headlights to warn of the impending disaster. mark brady viewed the video. >> within seconds that headlights are in the opposite direction of traveling coming directly at the ambulance, within seconds it is on tom of the ambulance. it is split second
the guy. the scene of the murder, and paul wagner is live with what they had to say. >> reporter: in the last hour, were able to read the affidavit, and it's described as a vicious crime is. they're saying eric foreman was 16 years old when he encountered neil gillespie and that he tried to rob him and foreman walked up to him and pumped more bullets into him and we asked the chief about the crime. >> not that there is not a homicide that 6 tramly dishing -- disturbing and vicious, i would have to agree the circumstances in this case are more disturbing. >> reporter: neil gillespie left an impression on people in the short time he lived in the district and of the many friends here, some left mementos. he was a waiter the last seven years and recently decided to re-enroll at catholic university in hopes of earning a degree in biology. at a candlelight vig after his death, friends remembered neil fondly, describing him as a kind person who wouldn't have trouble with anyone. if someone needed something, he would have given it to him. he was a native of norwalk, connecticut, and his
. paul wagner has more. >> reporter: the fop and attorney general are anxiously a waiting a judge's decision on whether the chief should be disciplined and/or fined for what the jury said was a violation of the whistle-blower protection act and each filed breves with the court arguing for and against and it's all up to a superior court judge. the jury's august verdict began with a lawsuit filed more than five years ago. when charles ramsey was the chief of police and cathy lanier was a commander. several officers, including martin freeman, seen here in the redskins hat, stepped forward to say the d.c. police department was illegally brokering security work for its officers at gallery place in chinatown. according to the lawsuit, the department retaliated claiming the officers engaged in offduty employment and free inwas visually fired -- freeman was eventually fired and 24ths suspended without pay. the -- and two others suspended without pay. they violated the whistle- blower protection act and faulted only kathy lanier. >> her asking the judge to make the decision about what th
to at this hour. >> paul wagner reporting live tonight. >>> for most of us, this is an unbelievable crime, adding horror to heartbreak for family and friends. the community leaders were worried that this would happen. roby chavez is live with more on the link between the two rival gangs and 21-year-old ashley mccray. robbie? >> reporter: ashley mccray knew a lot of people and today, the church was packed. several hundred inside the church and another hundred or so gathered outside of the church and she knew members of the two rival gangs. community activists and police came here because they were afraid that putting the two groups together would lead lead to violence and today, someone brought a gun to a funeral. >> two secs you heard gun shots go off and everybody responded back into the church and scattered everywhere. >> reporter: 21-year-old ashley mccray's funeral was wrapping up and that crowd gathered for one last goodbye as the casket was placed in the hearse. police and members from the columbia heights collaborative have been watching the viole
:00, the state of the mayor's race. karen gray houston and paul wagner will be live on the set to break down the issues and talk about where the candidates stand ahead of the democratic primary. join us after the fox drama, "lie to me." >>> 27 thorough bred racehorses are dead after a fire tore through their barn. it happened at 5:00 a.m. in west virginia just behind the charlestown racetrack. stacey is just back from west virginia with the story. >> reporter: this is a story of unspeakable tragedy and incredible bravery. this is a fire that started in one barn. a witness said it sounded like an explosion and quickly spread to two other barns. trapped inside were 50 racehorses amend the barns burned some nearby horsemen and women, even some charlestown casino workers rescued to try to save the terrified animals. >> if question save a horse's life it is something we do. like a doctor saving a human beings life. we went to the fire an the smoke was too much to go in the barn. >> within minutes of getting the others out the flames were taking over other barns and we were seconds from getting th
the details from the authorities in the scene and in the background, you probably heard our own paul wagner asking a few questions as well. what stuck out to you as you listened to the press conference and heard the last several hours debriefed for us? >> reporter: i think what stood out, brian, they had a tactical unit nearby and could watch him via a surivallance camera and they could hear him. very, very important because that being hear whether or not there was a problem between the hostages and mr. lee. when they saw him pull the pistol, they busted through the door and the chief said they were in an area where that could bust through and open fire. there was an event, the fire department not believing it was an explosion and it's unclear if it killed him. the chief said that mr. lee pulled a gun and that looks like he was trying to threaten one of the hostages and there is some some question as to whether or not the gun went off and that is under investigation and as soon as the tactical units made entry, the hostages took off and we understand they were two employees and a security g
. tonight, one of the vehicles is in -- victims is in grave condition. paul wagner is live at the scene with more. >> reporter: law enforcement forces tell fox 5 that adams was drinking and it's here and the district advertises a happy hour between 6 and 7:00 p.m. on wednesday where all the drinks are free and the accident happened at 8:30 p.m. and today, d.c. police made a visit to the district. early this afternoon, an investigator paid a visit to the club hoping to learn more about the stabment's happy hour and how much -- establishment's hap hour and how much adams may have beeny ised. the club tazs free drenches between 6 and 7 on wednesday. she had a blood alcohol content of .18 and more than twice the legal limit. we knock on the door and no one answered. investigators used to map the accident from the orange pink, you can see the path of the car and jumping the traffic island where international students were standing and crossing the street where it slammed into the restaurant. they're graduate students at johns hopkins university in the district. >> julia is from austria. they
avenue, the police claim she was driving drunk when she lost control of the vehicle and paul wagner is live with more. >> reporter: adams was before a judge about two hours ago. we saw the court-charging documents and in those charging game downtown los angeles, we learned her blood alcohol level and police say it was .18, a little more than twice the legal limit. and police say adams was driving around 18th street when she hit the two and d.c. police say the 23-year-old seen here in handcuffs was driving a 2007 dodge charger southbound on 18th street when she hit two women standing on a traffic island and waiting to cross the street. adams continued to cross florida avenue where she jumped the curb and hit a tree ending up inside the front of the restaurant and adams was not hurt but one suffered serious head trauma and the second in her 20s, sustained fractures to her face, a broken leg and bleeding on the brain. >> that could have been more tragic and it's tragic enough. there were a lot of people and pedestrians and vehicle traffic in and around the area. >> in court, we learned
their will for 4 hours by an estranged man. paul wagner joins us live in the newsroom with their story. >> reporter: brooip, jim and christopher knew pretty quickly they were dealing with a deeply troubled man. the things he was saying were off the wall. on their own, the men decided to lie in hopes james lee would buy their stories. they didn't want him to know what they really did for discovery. >> you know, i almost called. >> reporter: jim mcnulty says he wasn't a hostage long before realizing if he was going to live, he had to come up with a story. >> the last thing i need to tell him is that i'm a producer. so i thought i'd come up with something innocuous to make myself just kind of fade into the background that i wasn't important. >> reporter: christopher wood did the same thing. >> i didn't want him to know what i did or how i affected communications so i i was an ad man and he asked me what that was and i said i file papers. >> i have a bomb. >> reporter: police made contact. >> he made the guard put it on speaker so we heard every word from both sides of the negotiator and lee. >> report
. paul wagner joins us with that story. >> reporter: the state's attorney said he is still deciding whether to seek the death penalty against williams. glen ivy says he's confident in the evidence they have, even though his prosecutors admitted the only eyewitness has already lied to police at least once. police released this video of the man they wanted to question. he is the same man escorted out of the restaurant by trooper brown the night of the murder. under questioning by the defense, prosecutors were asked if they had video of the murder. they refused to say but admitted they do williams on camera. they also admitted they do not have video of anthony milton, the man what allegedly supplied the gun. prosecutors also admitted milton has lied to the police at least once. >> i think with cases like this, i'll speak generally, because i can't go to the evidence on this in particular, you always have to look at all the evidence together and make a determination about the strength of the case and whether or not you have enough to go forward but i think we're going to be okay. >> gle
and today, a judge sentenced the clinton resident to 10 years behind bars. paul wagner is joining us live from the newsroom with that story. >> reporter: jeffrey rios got off easy the first time he was arrested in possession of a handgun and appealed his conviction and won, serving over three months in jail. and the second time, the hammer came down. the stat's attorney handed the case to the atf where a federal sentence means a longer stretch behind bars. in 2007, when he was 18, jeffrey rios opened fire on three prince georges county police officers conducting surveillance and none were hit. in the exchange of gun fire, rios was seriously wounded. the reason for the attack? is still unclear. >> we can only speculate, one of the speculations is that he want attempting to do a car jacking. the reason why, one of the weapons was on the scene by a moped or small type motorcycle there. the man approached the unmarked vehicle and we're only speculating. >> reporter: on appeal, he won and the charge reduced to wreckless endangerment. a few weeks after the ruling, he was arrested again and this
that is facing charges and paul wagner has more on the top story tonight. >> reporter: we're still waiting for the arraignment of brandon miller who is inside facing's judge. we understand it started and stopped and roby chavez is inside and we're waiting for him to come out and tell us what happened. what we understand what we have been able to see, the police got a lot of help in this case, and especially from one witness who got a tag number. it went to brandon miller's house and they arrested brandon miller, his mother, father and sister. in the minutes after the shooting on u street, the d.c. police got a tip from a witness who gave them the tag number of what may have been the getaway car and they found it parked in the alley behind the home of brandon miller, his father, mother and sister. after securing a search warrant for the basement apartment, the detectives went inside where they found five guns, three pistols, a shotgun and an assault rifle. police arrested miller's parents, joseph and raquel, as well as his sister. y that have all been cha
paul wag -- building. fox 5's paul wagner has a recap. >> reporter: they were asked something more personal. >> one mistake people are right to point out is the mistake surrounding baseball tickets and the city council. i've not only acknowledged that mistake, but we've corrected it and will make sure it doesn't happen again. i think it goes toward making sure we understand that we have to be more inclusive and bring people into the fold. >> reporter: the mayor has said everybody makes mistakes. what mistakes have you made as chairman of city council or serving on council? >> well, actually i'm very proud of the record that we have with the council. i have searched myself to see if there's more that i could have done to work with the mayor. i believe that we have reached out as effectively as we possibly can. >> reporter: the mayor defended crime fighting strategies like all hands on deck and the trinidad checkpoints that have been ruled either illegal or unconstitutional, but laid them at the feet of chief kathy la near. >> they were not my crime fighting strategies. i support the
saturday morning on bruce place southeast hours after leaving a northeast nightclub. fox 5's paul wagner joins us live from the newsroom with this story. >> reporter: laura, ashley mccray was last 16 by her sister leaving i beesa on first street northeast in the company of a man she has known for about a month or two. police found her clinging to life inside a car in the 2700 block of bruce place southeast. she had been shot once. medics rushed her to a nearby hospital where she died. at this hour police say they are focusing on an argument as the motive for the murder. >> and paul, we mentioned she had just left a club hours earlier. do we know if the argument started in the club and did she leave willingly? >> reporter: d.c. police say they are not sure when the argument began, laura. i talked with her sister and mother today and both said she had left the club on her own. >> i hear so many different stories, i can't say nothing about that until i talk to detectives. they know probably more than i know. i just know a friend of hers killed her. that's what the talk was about. i don't kn
stories coming out of what happened there sunday afternoon. fox 5's paul wagner sorts it out. this dog is recuperating at home today laid up with a couple broken bones in his white paw and a frightful memory of his run-in with harris. >> he has stitches and two broken bones that we don't know yet if he'll need surgery or not. >> reporter: sheila martin silva said she just left the brass knob when her dog was attacked by the pitbull mix. it was so vicious she said she couldn't separate the dogs. >> i saw when the dog turned around that he was like, you know, aggressive and something was going on, yes. >> reporter: martin silva said a large man finally grabbed sushi and handed him back to her. she was hysterical. >> i remember seeing the dog owners trying to hold him down and the dog bit him, too. >> reporter: but aaron block said parrot never bit him and he had the dog under control when the officer arrived on the scene. >> you can see this is the extent of my injuries. hardly really anything at all of. >> reporter: block admits parrot did bite sushi but was not biting people. >> office
into police up there. fox 5's paul wagner has details. >> reporter: three days ago montgomery county court issued a stay away order to joshua prince telling him not to have any contact with his ex-girl friend. but just after 7:00 this morning police say prince was waiting for her on the fourth floor of this apartment complex parking garage. >> the shooting occurred outside in the area of the garage. she knocked on doors. a good samaritan took her inside. she is safe. montgomery county police initiated an emergency response team call-out. >> reporter: as a precaution two schools were locked down. nearby walter johnson high school as well as till he den middle school on old george -- till den middle school on old georgetown road. for several hours police searched for him around the complex and surrounding neighborhoods. some residents were ordered to stay in their apartments. >> it was pretty scary because i'm at home alone with two 10- year-old kids and i couldn't get out to take them to school this morning. >> this isn't l.a. or downtown d.c. this is suburban bethesda, but it makes you rea
in the discovery building are talking to fox 5 about their horrifying ordeal. fox 5's paul wagner has their story. >> you know, i almost called. >> reporter: jim mcnulty says he wasn't a hostage long before realizing if he was going to live, he had to come up with a story. >> the last thing i need to tell him is that i'm a producer. so i just thought i'd come up with something innocuous to make myself just kind of fading into the background, that i wasn't important. >> reporter: christopher wood said he did the same thing. >> i didn't want him to know what i did or how i affected discovery communications. so i said i was admin and he said what the hell does admin do and i said i file papers. >> i have a gun and i have a bomb. >> reporter: as lee ranted the hostages heard the police make contact. >> he made the guard put on speaker. so we heard every word of both sides between the negotiator and the police. >> reporter: lee told the men it was a good day to die and ordered both of them to stand. he wanted to know if they had kids. >> i already lied to him because i told him i was in scheduling and
for comment. >> that was fox 5's paul wagner reporting. now a superior court judge will decide whether the chief should be disciplined and/or fined and we'll let you know what happens. >>> coming up next a maryland state trooper pulling his gun during a traffic stop. tonight some charges dropped in the case stemming from this viral video. we'll plano. and the redskins have a case of -- explain why. >>> and the redskins have a case of the monday blues after one of the worst games in the nfl and now donovan mcnabb has to prepare for a game with his old team. dave feldman coming up with the sports edge. four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. >
, that pit's own are are claims the officer was the one out of control. fox 5's paul wagner has the update. gentleman sushi is recuperating at hem. he is laid up with a couple of broken bones in his right paw. >> he got stitches and he has two broken bones that we don't foe yet if he is going to need surgery or not. >> reporter: sheila martin silva says she had just left the brass knox when her bichon was taxed by pit bull mix. >> i saw when the dog turned around that he was like aggressive and something was going on. >> reporter: she says a large man finally grabbed sushi and handed it back to her. she was hysterical. >> i've never seen the owner trying to held him down and the dog bit him too. >> reporter: aaron block says paris never bit him. he the dog under control when the officer arrived on the scene y you can see the extent of my injuries. hardly really anything at all. >> reporter: block admits paris did bite sushi but was not biting people. >> the officer grabbed, threw my dog down, he landed half on this upper step, half on the gr
when the car hit her. the woman with her, melissa bosk, remains in critical condition. paul wagner is live with the story. paul? >> reporter: law enforcement said that she was taken off of life-support after noon today. and since last week, police were calling her condition grave. they were both hit around 8:30 p.m. last wednesday night. the force of the collision knocked both grills to the ground where they each suffered serious head traumca and broken bones. they were sent in hopes of sending their lives. the driver of the car had a blood alcohol content of .18 or more than twice the legal limit. after strike the women, police say adams jumped the curb on florida avenue and slammed into the front of a restaurant causing thousands of dollars in damage. no one was in the restaurant at the time of the collision. police say that adams drove her car southbound on 18th street where she failed to make the left turn on to florida and striking a pedestrian. the police say adams was drinking at a club called district in the hours before the crash. a place where happy hour drinks are free o
is dead tonight and paul wagner is live with the top story. paul. >> reporter: this is where it happened in this stairwell here, happened after the lunch hour and there are passionate opinions on both sides of this issue and you can imagine, people believe the officer was justified and there are others who believe that the officer was wrong. and today we talked to the people involved in the incident. the lady and the man with the pit bull mix. here are their stories. sushi is recuperating at home today. he's laid up with a couple of broken bones in his right paw and a frightful memory of a run- in with paris. >> he got a big wound and stitches and have two broken bones that we don't know yet if he's going to need surgery or not. >> reporter: sheila martin sill have had -- silva had just left the brass knob when her bischon was attacked by the bit pill -- pit bull mix. it was vicious. she couldn't separate the dogs. >> i saw when the dog turned around, he was aggressive and something was going. yes. >> reporter: martin silva said a large man finally grabbed sushi and handed him back to he
with paul wagner. and police still trying to sort this thing out, paul. >> reporter: d.c. police are going to saturate the third district with police officers tonight, concentrating in columbia heights to try and prevent any further retaliation between two rival gangs. this is what we know from sources, community activists and police. that these two rival gangs from columbia heights wanted to come and pay their respects for 21- year-old ashley mccray who was shot to deat on september 18th. with their respects, they brought trouble. the funeral was coming to an end with mourners heading for their car when is the gun fire began. within minutes, people remembering ashley were
. >>> our team coverage of the wet weather continues now with fox 5s paul wagner who has been on storm patrol through the day. paul. >> reporter: this is behind me, where it's overflowed the banks here and we're off the east- west driveway and this is over here. when we arrived a couple of hours ago, this was raging across the road and people who were walking had come through here. it's been a word weather day and lots of rain would fall for five, 10 minutes and then it would slow and the winds would pick up and earlier, we thought it was odd and that took place on rhode island avenue. just before noon today, as the rain was coming down in buckets, a half dozen motorists found themselves stranded under the metro yale overpass. >> in -- metro rail overpass. >> and exponentially, all the water let it up. >> reporter: bernice clark and williams, grandmother and grandson, had quite a scare. both were yelling for help as the water gebegan to pour into their car. >> you couldn't see how to get to the bridge. >> how are you? >> it was that -- raining that hard. and we didn't know the water ke
him in the democratic primary. paul wagner picks up the team coverage. >> reporter: adrian fenty declined to critique his campaign saying instead that the people spoke and he lost fair and square n. front of a small group of supporters, fenty smoke spoke without bitterness, saying he looked forward to helping gray get started. adrian fenty was all smiles as he greeted supporters and campaign workers at his georgia avenue headquarters, hours after losing to vincent gray he spoke positively about the city's future. >> i respect the democratic process and to me it would be overstepping my bounds to say as the incumbent mayor, i think the democratic nominee should do this or that and in fact, i'm here to support him. >> reporter: mayor fenty said he has had a great 10-year run in elected office and it's time to do something else. what that is, he wouldn't say. >> i feel like i have put everything in to it. i was excited to serve the city for four more years and it was not to be. that was not the will of the voters andy suspect -- respect that they support chairman gray. as of this ti
quite some time to come together so it could be weeks or months before we hear anything at all. >> paul wagner, thank you. >>> there are new serious charges of a driver accused of killing a pedestrian in adams morgan. temeka adams is charged with involuntary manslaughter. she lost control of her car and hit two college students and then crashed into a restaurant on september 8th. one of the pedestrians, 26-year- old julia backer died later. she was charged with driving drunk and aggravated assault. >>> investigators are back at the home of the man that shot a doctor and then killed his mother and himself. they are trying to find out if he left any notes or evidence that he planned last week's shooting. the dr. is recovering. >>> a vicious attack outside of manassas shopping center. a 15-year-old boy accused of stabbing and robbing a man. police say two suspects approached the man hired to take pictures of the shopping center this morning. well they demanded his camera and his money and then stabbed him several times. officers did catch one boy and they believe the second suspect is a te
leadership to the wilson building. paul wagner was one of the questioners on our panel and returns live with a recap. >> reporter: the candidates were each asked 16 questions and given a minute to respond. they were also allowed to ask each other a question. fox 5 morning news anchor steve chenevey monitored the debate. we questioned the mayor and the council chair. fenty and gray had already tackled questions on schools, crime, and medical care, when
'll stay on top of that. thank you very much, paul wagner. >>> a metro bus driver is charged with sexually assaulting a customer. met reports the driver is 59- year-old thanuel kingston. a woman claims he sexually assaulted her on august 27th. he's a cub con-- subcontractor for a company that provides service for disabled or handicapped passengers. >>> several pets trapped in a burning townhome. the firefighters were able to save them. no one was hurt but five townhouse were damaged. >>> five more days until a d.c. primary and a new poll out shows gray leading fenty by 11 points in the race for mayor and that comes as allegations of buying votes are made against the fenty campaign. mayor fenty said no one in his campaign has been identified by the people making the allegations. the gray campaign has asked for an investigation. matt ackland is here with more. >> reporter: the mayor came out fighting against the allegations made by two people spoke to today saying a person representing the fenty campaign offered them jobs if they would vote for fenty first. the mayor said so far he sees no p
was still in the operating room but was expected to survive. >> paul wagner, thanks very much. we'll continue to cover this and you can depend on fox 5 for more coverage. go to for more on the gunman. it's there on the home page. >>> following breaking news in the district. a man in a cherry picker was shocked by a power line in the northeast. the bucket hit the wires, he's been taken to the hospital. we have a crew headed to the scene. we'll bring you more information as we get it. >>> a deadly ambulance crash in prince george's county, three people are dead. the victims in an suv that crossed into the path of an ambulance rushing to an emergency call. this happened overnight. and john hanrahan has been working this story all day and joins us with the latest. >> reporter: there were no obvious signs of alcohol or drug usage at the scene. the video has not been made public of cameras who saw the scene, but we inter viewed someone who saw it. two families are mourning the deaths of three young men in a two-vehicle accident involving a fast moving sport utility vehicle a
the families who can't go home and that is going to total over $2 million, shawn. >> thank you, paul wagner. >>> two days after a fire kill a -- killed a mother and her young son, fairfax county investigators are still trying to find out that cause. the lady and her two sons all died in the fire on wednesday. anderson lowered her other children, including an 8-week daughter to the uncle. 18 of their neighbors are displaced from their homes because of the fire. >>> a wild police chase that began in prince georges county ended with a shootout in the district. officers were chasing two vehicles, a honda and toyota avalon and that were both believed to be in a car jacking this morning. the cops say the suspects bailed out at 31st and g street southeast and exchanged gun fire with the police. no one was hurts and police arrested two people. officers are still looking for the toyota. >>> a vigil tonight will remember a law student. the 30-year-old was killed sunday while cycling on route 202 in largo. she was a maryland green party candidate for the u.s. senate. police have not charged anyone wit
. they said the chief was unavailable for comment. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> a superior court judge will decide whether the chief should be disciplined or fined. we'll let you know what happens. >>> several cows are dead after a big fire at a livestock facility that broke out around 8:00 last night at the fauquier county livestock exchange in marshall. 250 cattle were inside when the fire began. investigators thought as many as 50 cows have died and now they say they have found only five cows dead in the barn. they do expect to find others though when they can search nearby fields. firefighters from six counties helped to fight the fire. cause is still under investigation. >>> a heads up, the renovated georgetown neighborhood library on r. street will reopen october 18th. a massive fire destroyed most of the library in 2007. it has several modern improvements, including better light, dedicated space for teen- agers, help for those with disabilities and a new outdoor reading terrace and a children's room. >>> a ban on handheld phones isn't enough to reduce accidents. a new report on
5 reporters karen gray houston and paul wagner will break down where the candidates stand ahead of the primary one week from tomorrow. >>> a terrifying scene caught on camera. a car engulfed in flames an the driver trapped in the car. don't miss what it took to pull him to safety and it is coming your way next. >>> rescuers trapped in a mine in chile. their rescue is months away but tonight they are communicating with loved ones. one victim could face more trouble when he finally gets above ground. we are breaking this down coming up next. >>> we have been on a weather roll this weekend. this holiday weekend. the question is, is it going to stay nice? will we have troubled waters coming up? we will have the complete forecast ahead. >>> keep it here. fox 5 news at 5:00 is coming right back.  >>> just in case you didn't know, it is dallas week. always the biggest week of the year for the redskins. after months of practice in preseason games the team begins a tune upfor wednesday night. lindsey has an update. >> it is not just about the season opener but a
recognize all of them, allison, gurvir, paul wagner and karen gray houston. they will all ask questions. some they generated, some the viewers sent in. we thank you for senting in your questions and concerns and hopefully you can get your answers today. this is how it will play out. each candidate will get 90 seconds for an opening statement. there will be a flipping of the coin. i have the coin in my hand, the actual coin that will be tossed. i think our news director will do that. i will hand that to phil. that is what will decide who gets to go first in terms of the opening statement. after that, the candidates will be over here behind their respective podiums. there will be a series of questions. each candidate gets one minute to address the question. they get 30 seconds for the rebuttal then another 30 seconds for the count erie put tall. the debate will last one hour. we will get in as many questions as we can in that hour. each candidate gets a one minute closing statement. i can tell you there is a lot of supporters on both camps outside the studios. they are still campaigning.
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